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Ring Size Help


Please see below some useful information in order to give us your comfortable Ring Clock size. If you know your ring size that is perfect, but don't forget, a wider band needs a bigger size and the Ring Clock has a 14mm wide band so you may need a larger size than usual.

We advise the following techniques based on accuracy:

  1. Real ring test
    The most accurate if you can try a 14mm wide ring in a jewelry shop.
    If you have a chance to go into a jewelry shop, where you can find a 14mm wide ring (12-15mm is good enough), just try it and ask the shop assistant about your correct size. The convertion chart below will help you to give us your size.

  2. Reference database test
    Our test measurements show that if you have a X US size ring with the typical 4-5 mm wide, then your Ring Clock (14mm wide) is around X+1 US size.
    For example: if your typical size is 10 US, then your best fit Ring Clock size:
    • 65% probability: 11 US size
    • 30% probability: 10,5 US size
    • 5% probability: 10 US size
  3. Paper test
    The paper tests are not the most accurate :( so please only use if you don’t have other options.
    Paper Test Guide
    Sample Test Guide
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